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Cutienautica is the community that I have been building over the last year. It is a place where I have met and collaborated with many wonderful people.

It has been largely influenced by my time streaming on Mixer, but it is also where we babble about our different projects, whether it is art or programming or having fun outside.

At this moment, the primary mode of communication is through a Discord server, but I really want to move it to another platform.

If you are interested in joining, you can use this invite link.


One of the projects that has become like a friend to us, is our dear MrSassBot. The origins of this chat bot are in an old IRC channel, and throughout the years I have been doing various upgrades to its programming, while it ever-learns more things.

When I started streaming, I quickly ported MrSassBot to Mixer’s chat API, so that I could have a bot that would talk/sass people in my chat. It quickly became a humongous part of my show, as well as community as a whole.

I am currently doing a major re-tooling of MrSassBot, as there are many ideas we want to use it for!