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I miss contributing code

Something I need to force myself to do again is make tools that are potentially useful for others. Or better yet, find tools that someone else made that do the same/similar thing, and contribute to them!

At some point between my being steeped in the Ubuntu Beginners Team1 and now, I stopped contributing heavily to existing projects, and got sucked into the thrill of building shit for just myself.

The funniest part is having looked around lately, I have ditched almost everything I’ve built myself because I found that someone/another team of people have built what I wanted -but better.

Learning how to build those things was great and all, but I could have probably learned a little faster (and other non-programming skills) by contributing to an existing project.

Basically, I think it’s time for me to start contributing to the tools I use again.

  1. whah, the UBT hasn’t been around for such a long time now!
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