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You can verify the contents of this page by checking my identification declaration.

curl | gpg

If you haven’t, you will need to import my GnuPG key, which is linked in the footer.

Social Media

My main social outlet is You can view all public posts without logging in, and you can follow me from any Pleroma or Mastodon server.

My Twitter nick is @GutterQueenSina.


My Wire username is SinaCutie and my device fingerprints are as follows:

ID: 07EBFBEE0726E329

ID: 30DFECD7F69BD918

Tox ID

If you use Tox, just add my ID below as a contact and I’ll accept when I can.



Discord is the primary service I use for managing my stream community. I am in the process of migrating things over to something more open, but until then, I will continue to use this.

If you’re interested in joining my Discord community, you can accept this invite.


My XMPP address is You can also send me email if you want.

If you use IRC, you can also find me as SinaCutie on Freenode and elswhere.